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THE BILINGUAL BRIDGE MINISTRY of Sacred Heart Catholic Church


As a starting point, we reflect on the mission statement of Sacred Heart parish as stated in the weekly bulletin: We are a diverse, multi-cultural Roman Catholic Parish relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirt. We endeavor to build the kingdom of God through liturgy, prayer, education and outreach to those in need. We come together as a faith community to celebrate life's joys and sorrows and minister to all who come to us.”



The Bilingual Bridge Ministry seeks to bring unity to our church by bringing together all the cultures in the Sacred Heart community. We wish to strengthen the Church's mission to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ. We wish to have members of this faith community understand and respect our cultural differences. We pray that all the members of this parish can feel safe, respected, and understood, and can feel that this is a special place where we can reach out to others when we need assistance, regardless of the color of our skin or our cultural practices.


We all have unique cultural customs in the way we practice our faith whether we are German, Norwegian, English, Latino, Filipino or another ethnic heritage. These cultural faith practices can be integrated and respected by everyone into the way we celebrate Mass and other ceremonies of our Catholic religion.


Another goal of this ministry is to enhance the religious education of our youth by having bilingual education classes for all youth of the parish. By offering religious bilingual education classes, they afford the parents of youth the opportunity to be engaged and supportive of Catholic education classes for their children regardless of their native language.


The first major event the Bilingual Bridge Ministry is coordinating the bilingual celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart on Sunday, June 29th. There will be just one bilingual Mass on that Sunday, the 10:30a.m. Mass. Bishop Jaime Soto, of the Roman Catholic Dicese of Sacramento has agreed to come and celebrate that day with us. We are truly blessed that he will come to share this special event with us. The festivities will all take place in the Parish Hall on Monroe. There will be no Masses said that day in the church. The event will begin at 10a.m. with a procession into the hall where Mass will be said at 10:30a.m., followed by a potluck luncheon at noon and entertainment after that. More information is included in the parish bulletin. We hope you will mark your calendars and plan to attend.


The Chair of this Ministry is Miguel Espinosa and the Ministry meets the second Thursday of the month at the parish Rectory. All are welcome. 

Fr. Chuck Kelly Homilies thru March 29th
Fr. Chuck Kelly Homilies thru March 29th

Sunday, March 29th


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