Sunday's Mass will be in the Parish Hall parking lot under the so-called "drive-in" protocol.


We have scheduled a 10 am English language Mass and a 12 pm Spanish language Mass (Misa en español) for Sunday November 29th for the parking lot of the Parish Hall. By registering for Mass we can email you with updates and details. (Audio from the Mass is broadcast to vehicles via your FM radio.)


There will also be a 9 am Thanksgiving Day bilingual Mass (Thursday, November 26th).


Bishop Soto has authorized the so-called "drive-in" protocol option as needed: "This protocol allows the Faithful to attend while in their cars as Mass is offered outdoors in public view.  Communion is then distributed at the proper time by the minister going to each car individually. This option will be permitted on an experimental basis until Sunday, January 3, 2021."


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Sunday, November 22nd
Sunday, November 22nd


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